All Season Ornaments
These glass ornaments have become very popular as gift collectibles and can be found in many gift stores throughout the area.

They are available year round, hence the new name.

Hand painted designs on Large Clear Glass Discs.  80mm (3-1/8″) Dia. x 1.5″ thick.

These all have a layer of local white sand and a few small shells inside and just about all of her designs can be painted on the face.
Some are “Name Dropped” being custom hand lettered with the location or the name of the store from which it is sold.

Custom Lettering Available

An 18-24 Display Rack all of Jan’s 12  “standard design” ornaments

Pink Flamingo, Palms, Flipflops and a Seahorse

  Octopus, Little Fish, Big Fish. Note Jellyfish discontinued.

Red Crabs, Dolphins, Sea Turtle and Blue Crabs


Sea Turtles now available in many colors.

Seahorses, available in many colors

Also available by Special Order

Sealions in a variety of colors

Manatees in a variety of colors

Display Racks

Effective display is key to maximizing sales. These racks are designed to best show the product, for easy handling by the customer and stock control by the staff.
Our top selling stores locate the rack close to the register.

The racks shown below are our standard 18-24. They measure 18″ wide x 6″ deep x 15″ tall and hold 24 ornaments.
Each peg will hold 2 ornaments.
We can also provide “double sided” racks which hold 48 ornaments. 12 per side. These are 18″ W x 8″ D x 15″ H
Custom sized racks can be made to order.

We provide racks free of charge but they remain property of CCAC.