Jan’s Designs

The first section shows my most popular designs which I paint on on a variety of glassware items. Colors are  as seen  in the photos  but in some whimsical designs the colors will vary as noted.

Scroll down to see Special Occasion and Seasonal Designs.

Blue Crabs

Red Crabs


Big Fish       Colors vary

Little Fish      Colors vary

Dragonflies     Colors vary


Flipflops     Colors vary



Pink Flamingo


Octopus      Colors vary



Seahorse     Colors vary

Sea Lion     Colors vary. Special Order Only

Turtles     Colors vary


Manatee   Colors vary  Special Order Only

Bees   Special Order Only

Special Occasions



For your special day. A pair of hand painted and lettered champagne flutes or a complete “Beach Wedding” set.

A Beach Wedding Set with Palm Design.

Comprising of 2 champagne flutes and a heart shaped bottle for the “Mixing of the Sands” ceremony. (see the text below for details).

I can paint most of my designs on this set but palms are the most popular for this occasion.
Both the glasses and bottle are hand lettered with  the names of the bride, groom and the date.

Rear view  of showing a sample of the lettering.

The Mixing of the Sands.

It is usually impossible to light a candle on the beach so this offers an alternative to the lighting of the unity candle.
At the point in the ceremony when the unity candle is normally lit, the bottle is handed to the bride and groom by the officiant or a member of the bridal party. Following the unity vows given by the officiant the bride and groom reach down and scoop up a small handful of sand which they then pour into the bottle. The bottle can be completely filled later.

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